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Sign Up For The 3rd Annual Cottonwood Cove Golf Classic!

They say "the 3rd time's a charm," but when the first 2 times already went great, just imagine how amazing the 3rd time around is going to be! It's time once again to sign up for The Cottonwood Cove Golf Classic . If you've participated before, you know how much fun this day is, but if you've never played in our tournament, this is a great year to join us!     We regularly have such a great time at our Midwest RV campground & marina on the Missouri River , sometimes we decide to "take the show on the road" and take some of those memory-making times on a field trip! Once we're done with golf, it's right back to the Lodge at The Cottonwood Cove to end the day with a great big party.   Meet Us On The Course This year's Cottonwood Classic is set for Friday, June 21, 2019 , at River Wilds Golf Club here in Blair. Check-in will be from 11:30 am-12:30 pm with a shotgun start beginning at 1:00 pm. It doesn't matter whether yo

Join Us For an Epic 2019 Season at The Cottonwood Cove!

Opening Day 2019 for the Lodge at The Cottonwood Cove has finally arrived! It feels like forever since we've gotten to hang out with all of you wonderful people for warm weather fun,  incredible live music,  great food, and Watermelons, but we're ready for many, many days full of all of that! Here's a quick peek at what we've got in store for you this season at our RV campground & marina on the Missouri River .  Food, Drinks, & Fun! Beginning Friday, April 19, 2019, the Lodge is open every Friday & Saturday from 11 am-1 am , and each Sunday from 11 am-10 pm . (Don't worry, later this season we'll be open during the week too!) We'll have all of your favorite foods back on the menu, including our amazing pizza, plus all the delicious drinks to go along with them. (If you haven't had a Watermelon yet, you really need to get here ASAP!)  Amazing Live Music Once again this year we've got an incredible lineup of the best live m

5 Reasons To Make The Cottonwood Cove Your Vacation Destination

The Midwest is a gorgeous spot for anyone wanting to vacation amidst the beauty of nature and our RV campground & marina on the Missouri River is smack dab in the middle of it all. In addition to the natural beauty that you'll find in the area, The Cottonwood Cove offers some additional perks that will make you want to park yourself right here with us.  Fun On the Water Located in Blair, Nebraska, on the banks of the Missouri River, our Midwest vacation destination allows you to enjoy exciting outdoor activities both on and off the water. Our 12-acre marina allows you access to boating fun at mile marker 651. There is a 40-foot wide soft slope boat ramp leading into a 12-acre deepwater marina giving you full access to all the fun waiting to be had on the river.  Fun Off the Water Too When you're ready to head to dry land, you'll find plenty of great things to do at The Cottonwood Cove to keep you thoroughly entertained. Around here people enjoy hunting,