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National Watermelon Day is Coming - Raise a Glass!

August 3 is annually set aside on the calendar as National Watermelon Day. Here at The Cottonwood Cove , we "celebrate" watermelons all season long, but in our case, in liquid form! Our Nebraska bar & restaurant on the Missouri River happens to be the Home of the Watermelon , a refreshing cocktail that is a must-try for anyone age 21+.  Guests at our vacation destination in the Midwest can't seem to get enough of this delicious drink. Of course, the actual melon itself is also a tasty treat to enjoy on a hot summer day. In honor of National Watermelon Day, here are a few fun facts about both the food and our signature cocktail.  Watermelon Fun Facts - It's a fruit... AND a vegetable!?! We don't know about you guys, but we had absolutely no idea that a watermelon is actually classified as a vegetable! It is a member of the same family as cucumbers, pumpkins, and squash. Botanically though, it adheres to the meaning of a fruit, so the debate is on...

Keep Your RV Cool On Hot Summer Days

One of the perks of RV living is that if you don't like the weather, you can drive someplace more pleasant. Hot, sticky, summer heat isn't always fun, but there are so many exciting things you can do this time of year at The Cottonwood Cove , the hot weather shouldn't force you to move along.  You'll find plenty of fun things to do outside of the RV at our Midwest RV campground & marina on the Missouri River . For the times you plan to be inside the RV, here are a few tips you can use to help keep the cooled off and more comfortable.  Keep It Shaded Keep shades pulled down on the sunny side of the RV to offset sun exposure. Awnings keep the vehicle shaded and cooler too. The Cottonwood Cove features large lots with directional parking allowing you to place yourself facing the direction that lets in the least sun. You can also face awnings together with your neighbor to create a larger shaded area.  Many RV door windows don't have shades, but covering

Let's Adventure! Living the RV Life

Living the adventurous RV life, you're never far from home because, well, home is where you park it! There are quite a few wonderful people right here at our Midwest RV campground & marina that will be quick to back that statement up. The RV life allows you to travel, meet new people, discover new destinations, and best of all, never be far from the comforts of your own home. During your travels, you will discover favorite spots to stop (like The Cottonwood Cove ) that will begin feeling like a special vacation home. Places where you know you'll always see a familiar face and look forward to parking for a while and simply enjoying the destination. Here are a few more of our favorite things about this incredible RV life we are speaking of.  Friends Across the Country One of the best benefits of driving your home to different areas is the wonderful people you'll meet along the way who are doing the exact same thing. You already have something in common when you

Awesome Live Music & Events This July at The Cottonwood Cove

At the time we are posting this blog, we're smack dab in the middle of a great big, awesome 4th of July weekend celebration at The Cottonwood Cove. Information about that is included here, but if you don't get a chance to read this until after the holiday, not to worry. There are plenty of other awesome events and live music coming up throughout the rest of July at our RV campground & marina on the Missouri River . Those will easily keep you entertained for the next few weeks. (And there will be even more in August too!)  4th of July Weekend We got things started on Wednesday evening with a terrific concert from One2Go. Here's what we're planning for the rest of the holiday.  Friday, 7/5 Taxi Driver 7-11 pm Saturday, 7/6 Golf Cart Parade 2:00 pm & Wild Valley & Free Fallin': A Tribute to Tom Petty 6:30 pm-Midnight & Fireworks Extravaganza 10:15 pm Sunday, 7/7 Cadillac Jack 2-6 pm July Live Music Th