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5 Reasons to Visit The Cottonwood Cove This Summer!

It’s no surprise that summer, warm weather, and vacation getaways are on everyone’s mind right now. In that season between winter and spring when the weather goes from hot to cold in a matter of minutes, and everyone is feeling the effects of the season, we all need something to look forward to. Opening day for The Cottonwood Cove is scheduled for April 4th, and while it is still a few weeks away, there is no better time to start securing your plans than now. Here are five reasons to make The Cottonwood Cove your vacation destination in Nebraska this year and how we intend to help you! Make Memories on the Water The Cottonwood Cove is located in Blair, Nebraska and on right on the banks of the Missouri River. If you are looking for a Midwest vacation destination that provides the perfect place for you to enjoy activities on the water, we’ve got just the spot - literally! We have a 12-acre marina where you can access all kinds of boating fun at mile marker 651. We also have a 40-