7 Helpful Tips to Keep Warm During Winter RV Travel

The Cottonwood Cove closes up for the winter, but we realize that some of our RV campers like to stay on the road even after the temperatures start dropping. Hopefully, you already have your RV winterized by now, but the following tips will help to keep you warm and cozy during your winter adventures if you choose to drive toward the snow rather than away from it! 

Winterizing your RV should already have taken care of filling in any cracks or holes where drafts of cold air could sneak in. There are additional ways you can keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Thermal curtains are wonderful for this, and you might consider placing a plastic film over your windows, especially if they are single-pane. Cold air tends to sneak in from below, but thick rugs on the floor add an extra layer between you and the cold.  

RV Skirting
RV skirting comes in a variety of materials so you will need to research which type works best for your particular travel plans. Skirting helps to protect …

Right Now is a Wonderful Time to Reserve Your RV Lot

Although winter will be here soon and The Cottonwood Cove is currently in our "off-season," that doesn't mean that you have to wait until next spring to reserve your lot at our Midwest RV campground on the Missouri River. On the contrary, now is a wonderful time to get your spot reserved and lock in all of the incredible amenities that come along with being a part of the Cottonwood family.  

New RV Lots for 2019
We know, we know... over and over again we said that the RV lots added for 2018 would be your "last chance until 2020" due to all of the other plans we have in mind. Well, the demand was so great, we simply couldn't resist changing our plans and making arrangements to add more lots for the coming 2019 season! 

This is one time that we don't mind admitting we were wrong because we've figured out a way to allow more happy campers to join our big Cottonwood family and still take care of those other plans we have in store for everyone. Now is the p…

Great Gift Ideas For The RV Camper

The majority of the people we meet at our riverfront RV campground in the Midwest are RV owners. These wonderful wandering nomads are a special type of person that love meeting new people and finding adventure in the great outdoors. Today we've started our blog by listing 10 general holiday gift ideas for this type of person, but if you skip to the end, you'll find a bunch of excellent gift ideas that can be found right here at The Cottonwood Cove!   

1) Travel Journal
This is a wonderful way for someone enjoying the RV life to document their journey. Include pens or pencils, scrapbooking tape for attaching photos, and maybe some fun stickers that they can decorate the pages with. 

2) Special Keychain
A very important item to always keep track of for an RV owner is the keys to the RV! A personalized keychain is a nice gift, or maybe a funny novelty keychain that will put a smile on their face.  

3) Personalized Signs
These are nice for decorating the RV's "yard" while …

5 Reasons We're Thankful This Year At The Cottonwood Cove

Looking back at the 2018 season at The Cottonwood Cove, we have a LOT of reasons to feel thankful! Sure, HEAVY rain tried to spoil things for us at our RV Campground & Marina on the Missouri River, and the road construction was a bit inconvenient, but none of that stopped us from having fun! 

A lot was accomplished and a ton of wonderful memories were made. Here are just a few of the many reasons that 2018 is a season we will always look back on fondly. 

New Amenities
This year visitors to The Cottonwood Cove were able to enjoy a brand new 21+ pool and swim-up bar! (We can now boast 1 of only 2 swim-up bars in all of Nebraska!) It was most definitely worth the wait, and we're looking forward to jumping right back in as soon as the weather warms up next spring.

We also now have an excellent playground for the youngest visitors to The Cottonwood Cove. A bit later than anticipated, but better late than never! The equipment was ordered months ago but only arrived at the end of October…

5 Tips For Getting Your RV Ready For Winter Storage

Winter is on its way, so it's not too early to start thinking about what you need to do to keep your RV in good condition if you'll be storing it away during those cold months. Properly storing your RV in the winter months is the best way to protect it for many more years of future adventuring. Following the basic tips that The Cottonwood Cove has in today's blog will help you do that. 

Drain the Water Systems
Any water left in the plumbing system of an RV can freeze when it gets extremely cold and break the lines and fittings. This can result in extremely pricey repairs to get it going again next spring. All of the water needs to be drained from both the fresh water and waste tanks. Pumping nontoxic RV antifreeze through the plumbing will push the water out, and your owner's manual should have instructions on how to do this. If you aren't completely comfortable doing this yourself, we can help you find a professional to take care of it.

Save Your Batteries
It's a …

Schedule a Tour of The Cottonwood Cove RV Resort & Marina

Our Midwest RV Resort & Marina on the Missouri River is a wonderful place to camp from spring through fall. When you become a member of The Cottonwood Cove by reserving your very own RV lot, you have the freedom to enjoy our beautiful vacation destination any time that you like, plus you will always be "in-the-know" about special events that we are planning. 

See the Campground in Person
People travel to this scenic vacation destination in the Midwest from all over the country, and some even visit us from further away than that! We realize that it may be hard to decide where you would like to park your RV if you haven't see the spaces in person. That is why we encourage everyone to give us a call and schedule a personal tour of The Cottonwood Cove. Not only will you be able to see our incredible riverfront campground with your own eyes, but we will also be right here to answer any questions that you may have before making the decision to become a part of our big, happy…

Join Us For a Pork Loin Dinner & Gun Raffle Fundraiser

The Cottonwood Cove not only loves the many people that are a part of our Cottonwood family because they are members at our RV Resort & Marina in the Midwest, but also the many wonderful people that live here in the Blair area. This community is extremely important to us, and we are thrilled to help out when we can. 
Dinner & Raffle Fundraiser
On Saturday, November 10 from 4:30-11:00 pm we are opening our Lodge to host the fundraiser for Blair Youth Shooting Sports. The proceeds raised at this event will go to support this terrific organization.

Tickets will be available at the door for $10 each. Your ticket is good for one full meal and one entry into the gun raffle. A Ruger 10-22 Rifle will be given away at the end of this event to one lucky raffle winner.  

Meals can be enjoyed here at the Lodge or taken to go. On the menu will be: 
Pork LoinChicken Noodle SoupChiliBaked Beans
Live Music In addition to a fantastic meal and the chance to win the gun raffle, this event also has some…