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RV Camping Tips

With spring right around the corner, the best RV resort and marina in Blair, Nebraska thought it would be fitting to give a few tips to enhance your time camping in the RV. After all, with a modern RV campground such as ours, The Cottonwood Cove wants you to enjoy all the ins & outs of RV camping at our sensational abode. So, if you’re planning to stay with us this season, take a moment to check out these tips to ensure you have great camping experiences at the best RV campground in the Midwest ! Get to Know your Neighbors Our RV campground is like a temporary community. So, you should make an effort to get to know your fellow camping neighbors. After all, this could lead to some interesting conversations, friendships, and add to the fun that you’ll have on your vacation. You don’t have to spend your entire vacation with them, but just being friendly will go a long way. Respect Campsite Boundaries While your campsite likely won’t have visible boundaries such as walls or fe