RV Camping Tips

With spring right around the corner, the best RV resort and marina in Blair, Nebraska thought it would be fitting to give a few tips to enhance your time camping in the RV. After all, with a modern RV campground such as ours, The Cottonwood Cove wants you to enjoy all the ins & outs of RV camping at our sensational abode. So, if you’re planning to stay with us this season, take a moment to check out these tips to ensure you have great camping experiences at the best RV campground in the Midwest!

Get to Know your Neighbors

Our RV campground is like a temporary community. So, you should make an effort to get to know your fellow camping neighbors. After all, this could lead to some interesting conversations, friendships, and add to the fun that you’ll have on your vacation. You don’t have to spend your entire vacation with them, but just being friendly will go a long way.

Respect Campsite Boundaries

While your campsite likely won’t have visible boundaries such as walls or fences, respecting people’s campsite boundaries is nonetheless important. Refrain from crossing through fellow campers’ campsites as you walk around the resort.

Observe Speed Limits

Always obey the speed limits when driving around the campground. This will prevent dust from rustling up and coating all your neighbors. It also keeps everyone safe, pedestrians and other RV’s alike.

Be Courteous of the Noise

RV’s are known to make quite a bit of noise. Whether it’s from generators, outdoor entertainment centers, or simple horseplay. You are on vacation, so it’s good to have fun but be mindful of your neighbors. It’s okay to stay up late and party, but your neighbors may be exhausted and trying to sleep – so just keep the levels to a minimum after the noise ordinance hours are in effect.

Keep Your Site Clean

Avoid burning trash in your fire pit as it could lead to hazardous air contaminants or bad odors. Instead, bag up your trash and move it to designated disposal areas of the park. Ensure that your wastewater is being properly handled as well by checking for leaks that could give off unpleasant smells as well. Remember, when leaving your campsite, a good rule of thumb is to leave it cleaner than you found it.

As the best RV resort and marina in the Midwest, The Cottonwood Cove prides itself on providing a clean and happy place for everyone to enjoy as a community. By following these tips, you’ll enjoy a prime RV camping experience, and those around you will too. We can’t wait to see you all out camping in just a few short weeks. Until then, The Cottonwood Cove Marina & RV Park will be finishing up our latest attractions for you to enjoy this season.  

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