It's Pool Time at The Cottonwood Cove! (Finally!!!)

The wait is finally over... the brand new pool and swim-up bar at The Cottonwood Cove are now open! Quite a few guests at our Midwest RV Resort & Marina have given it a try, and absolutely everyone loves it! It looks like the rest of the season is going to be even more fun than we're used to. 

The Pool
The weather forced us to push back opening day for the best 21+ pool in the Midwest, but we plugged through and the result is a beautiful and fantastic spot to keep cool all summer long! If you thought hanging out on the patio outside The Cottonwood Cove Lodge was fun before, we've now made it even more exciting. 

Pool hours will be every Tuesday-Thursday from 3-9 pm and Friday-Sunday from 11 am-9 pmMake sure that you've got a swimsuit with you when you head our way because this new pool is simply irresistible. 

The Swim-Up Bar
Our awesome pool is connected to what is now only the 2nd swim-up bar in all of Nebraska! We don't want you to have to get out of the water to get a fresh drink. This way, all you have to do is float your way on over to the bar and the bartender will hand it on over to you. There are seats at the bar and also plenty of tables and "chairs" smack dab in the middle of the pool to use too. 

Everyone outside of the pool can also enjoy this brand new bar because it is accessible by land on the other side. This new lower patio will be an excellent spot to relax when you don't feel like swimming. We have a few finishing touches to add before the outside of the bar is completely done, but it's open and ready for business! (Which is the important part, right?!)   

The Fun Surrounding It All
All around our brand new Nebraska pool and swim-up bar you can still enjoy everything that you've always loved about The Cottonwood Cove. The Lodge will be serving all of your favorite food and drinks, incredible live music will be coming from our riverfront stage, and the scenic beauty of the Missouri River is always within view. If you happen to have a spot reserved in our riverfront RV Resort, then you're just a short walk (or golf cart ride) away from all of the excitement! 

Clear your schedule, grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, and a towel, and join us at the best vacation destination in the Midwest to spend a large part of your summer in our brand new pool. That's where all the "cool kids" are going to be!

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