6 Ideas to Refresh Your RV on a Budget

 The Cottonwood Cove is the best RV park in the Midwest, boasting a wide array of amenities to keep you entertained and cozy during your stay with us. As such, we understand the importance of having a nice RV space, inside and out, to really bring the entire experience together. In this week's blog, we're giving you 6 tips to upgrade your RV without dropping a ton of cash. 

Upgrade the Flooring

If the flooring in your RV is worn, it will be hard for much of your space to really stand out. While this is one of the more complex DIY on this list, it could give you the opportunity to learn a new trade and feel very accomplished once it's done. Upgrade that old carpet with hardwood-style laminate or even tile to spruce up its appearance.

Freshen Up the Windows

You'll want to see the beautiful Missouri River sunrises/sunsets when you stay at The Cottonwood Cove. So, replace those foggy plastic or glass windows throughout - or replace them entirely. Be sure you add some drapery around them to really make them pop.

Recover the Furniture

It's likely that your couch and other furniture have seen a lot of use over the years of camping. You can make them like new by replacing the upholstery. However, if the structure is fading as well, you may want to consider a full replacement of some furniture.

Add a Washing Machine

Skip the laundromat... installing a washing machine on your RV can really enhance the quality of life for your vacations for years to come. After all, spending your precious vacation time hanging out at the local laundromat isn't what we'd call an adventure. 

Adding Some Life to Your Space

Literally, with live plants/greenery. You'll be pleasantly surprised how far this can go to freshen up your RV. Be sure that your plants are RV-friendly and don't require a specific type of environment that cannot be met with RV life. You'll also enjoy an improvement to the air quality - yay photosynthesis!

Dinette or Home Entertainment Center?

The Cottonwood has a fantastic restaurant! So, consider if you're going to be spending more of your trip eating meals outdoors (or with us) because let us tell you... that home entertainment center will be a delight. A big screen, plush couch, surround sound. Now THAT'S RV camping in style.

We hope that you've found these DIY tips for renovating an RV on a budget helpful, and perhaps even sparked a few new ideas for your RV. The Cottonwood Cove Marina & RV Park is ready to open up for the season the first week of April. We can't wait to party with all our friends and meet new ones! If you don't have an RV space at The Cottonwood, we encourage you to reserve your RV lot with us today while they last!

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