Get Your Green On & Join Us For An Epic St. Patrick's Day Celebration!

Even though the 2018 season for The Cottonwood Cove Marina & RV Resort doesn't officially begin until April, we're planning to throw our very first party for St. Patrick's Day a couple of weeks before that. This isn't a small celebration either, because we're going to make it last all day long. Stop by anytime between 11 am-1 am on Saturday, March 17, 2018, or better yet, spend the entire holiday right here with us!  

Irish Food & Drinks
Your favorite restaurant on the Missouri River will have our incredible pizza available all day long. (Not exactly Irish, but we can add some green veggies on there if you like!) Blair Trap will also be on hand selling traditional corned beef and cabbage for $10 a plate. If you aren't able to stick around and celebrate here with us, meals will be available to go. Get ready for some amazingly delicious "Irish Drink Specials" to enjoy and keep your thirst quenched throughout the party too. 

Blair Trap Gun Raffle
Your $10 corned beef and cabbage meal also comes with an entry into the gun raffle, with all proceeds supporting Blair Youth Shooting Sports. They are raffling off a FAUSTI 12 Gauge O/U Shotgun to one lucky winner. You can buy tickets at the door on St. Patrick's Day or pick them up in advance.  

Wear Your Green
You know the drill, wear green on St. Patrick's Day or risk getting pinched! The color green has long been associated with Ireland since at least the 1640s. Part of the reason could be due to the fact that St. Patrick used a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to pagans in Ireland. Other possibilities include the fact that Ireland is known as the "Emerald Isle," and the color green is prominent on the country's flag. Regardless of the reason for the tradition, it's fun to participate. If you decide not to, that's okay too. (We promise not to pinch you too hard!)

Don't Forget the Detour
Due to the construction on the 10th Street bridge that will be going on until around mid-summer, you will need to take a detour to get to The Cottonwood Cove to join us for the St. Patrick's Day party. Click here for detailed detour instructions along with a map on our website to help you get here, or click the "Find Us" button on our website homepage.

Meet Our Newest Members
We have had a huge surge in new additions to our Cottonwood family since last fall, and the first weekend in March was tremendous. We have a lot of new names to add to our 6-month tally of new members. Hopefully many of them will be able to make it to our St. Patrick's Day party and everyone, past, present, and maybe even future members, can get to know each other before the season even gets underway! 

There are still lots available if you'd like to be one of those "future" members. Call Steve at (402) 960-1515 for more details on how you can join these wonderful people at The Cottonwood Cove. 

Fred & Paula Gibilisco
Traci Jenkins
David & Melanie Sonier
Alan Pugh
Thomas & Donna Cook
David & Debra Patzner
Eric & Lynn Maresh
Jamie & Heather Childress
Tony & Jenny Swan
Mario & Bridget Williams 
Jeff Scharp

David & Mary Jo Sobotka
David & Michelle Sobotka
Frank & Barb Kruger
Ben Callahan 
Alan & Nikki Ellison 
Troy & Victoria Novak 
Mark & Geri Simpson 
Doug Larson 
Brandon & Brandi Brewer

Rick and Robin Saunders
Ron Willenborg
Jack and Claudia Stewart

Jered and Katie Kuhfahl
Dan and Vickie Jenkins

Darwin and Lynn Craig
Linda Pierce
Dave Purdy and Jodi Sukstrof
Bill and Pat Newmann

Dwayne and Jayne Luethie
Jim and Amy Andreasen
Agustin and Brandy Cruz
Jimmy and Erika Whiting

We're really looking forward to seeing everyone at Nebraska's best vacation destination for our St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday, March 17, 2018, from 11 am until the wee morning hour of 1 am. Nobody throws a celebration quite as exciting as The Cottonwood Cove, and you are all a big part of that! 

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