Do NOT Miss the Exciting Cottonwood Reunion on Saturday, June 16, 2018!

The Cottonwood has been around in some form since the late 1960's. It has been a HUGE name for The Cottonwood Cove of today to live up to, but with hard work and the help of all of you, we're doing it! Some things have changed over the years, but the vision of a great place for everyone who loves the outdoors, the river, boating, biking, and now camping has always been the same for our RV Resort & Marina on the Missouri River. On Saturday, June 16, 2018, we will celebrate all that we've been, that we are now, and that we will become at a great big exciting Cottonwood Reunion! 

Countless people over the last few decades have made some of their favorite memories right here on the Missouri River. (Or as we fondly like to call it, the longest lake in the state!) Most of those memories are wonderful, but even the not-so-great ones have done their part to get us to where we are today. This is a very popular vacation destination in the Midwest where everyone is welcome to enjoy incredible music, make new friends, connect with old friends, sip Watermelon drinks, and make brand new memories to reminisce over in the future. Here is how we plan to celebrate this year.  

Live Music
We've got some fantastic bands in store for you, including a Cottonwood favorite from the mid-90's. It all starts with Rhythm Download (formerly Knautilus) opening the show from 6-7 pm. After that, back for a repeat performance after a great 2017 reunion show, is the young up and coming group the Oddits from 7-8 pm

Last, but certainly not least, the Nuclear Bees will take the stage at 8:30 pm. For about 10 years beginning on June 5, 1995, the Nuclear Bees were a staple at the Cottonwood! They headlined The Cottonwood Cove reunion celebration last year, and we simply couldn't get enough of them, so they're back to rock the stage all over again. 

The Nuclear Bees playing at Cottonwood Marina in the 1990's. 
Lots of Memories
We're not just talking about the ones we plan on making during this incredible party, but also the ones that you have already made here over the many years that the Cottonwood has graced this section of land next to the Missouri River. There will be lots of familiar faces in attendance, including previous owners, employees, and members. The more the merrier to help us commemorate everything that has made The Cottonwood Cove the wonderful place it is today, so be sure to help us spread the word. 

Past & present owners from 2017 reunion:
Jo & Ben Rogge, Dave Schumacher, Mike Lupardus, Steve Lupardus, Mac Connealy

We would also love your help in telling our story. Please start collecting any old photographs and Cottonwood memorabilia that you can find. Our goal is to piece together the interesting history of this local icon from as many points of view as possible. That means that you should get your best stories polished for retelling too. It's always so much fun to hear the many exciting experiences everyone has had right here over the years.   

Member Jim Duffack wore some of his throwback Cottonwood swag to the
2017 Cottonwood Reunion.

Please Join Us!
Hopefully you've already got the very important date of The Cottonwood Cove Reunion on Saturday, June 16, 2018, marked on your calendar. If not, do it right now! Move things around if you have to, but do not miss this amazing day full of music, food, drinks, great people, and great memories, both remembered and the ones we plan on making anew. 

Our incredible staff keeps this place running, but the heart and soul of this place are made up of every person that has ever taken the time to enjoy our marvelous vacation spot. We can't wait to start making brand new memories with each and every one of you! 

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