5 Benefits of Living the RV Life

If you have never had the chance to spend some time traveling in an RV, you don't realize what an amazing experience you are missing out on! The many wonderful members at our RV Resort & Marina in the Midwest will be quick to back that statement up. There is a multitude of reasons why the RV Life is a great life. Today The Cottonwood Cove has listed a few of our favorite ones. 

#1 - Inexpensive Million-Dollar Views
When you decide to make an RV your part-time or even full-time home, you have the freedom to change the scenery outside your window anytime that you get the urge. Depending on where you park, you could have a million dollar view waiting for you when you wake up without the giant price tag of the million dollar home you would normally need to buy for a similar view. Once you've had your fill of that breathtaking view, you can pack up and move on to the next one!   

#2 - Follow the Weather
When you are tied to a house, you have to deal with whatever weather the season brings with it. When you're enjoying the RV Life, you can pick up and go to the places that your favorite weather is taking place in at that time. You could even spend one day surrounded by snow and the next on a sunny beach, and you never have to leave home because it travels with you! 

#3 - Friends Across the Country
Another benefit of placing your home in different areas is the wonderful people you'll meet along the way doing the exact same thing. You already have something in common when you park next to each other (RV living,) which is a wonderful gateway conversation for finding out what else you might have in common. It's nice to know that no matter where you travel, you've got friends in the area. 

#4 - Outdoor Adventure
Since the space inside an RV is considerably smaller than a house, that's a good incentive to get outside more. Instead of lounging on the couch all day watching TV, the gorgeous places that you are able to travel to encourage you to get out, explore, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.  

#5 - Less is More
The smaller living space is also an excellent reason to downsize your possessions. Admit it, if you look around your house, there are most likely lots of things that you could easily do without. You'll be a lot pickier about what you decide to keep. Downsizing is liberating, and the less clutter you have laying around, the lighter and freer you will feel.  

Always Have a Place To Park
While the best part about the RV Life is the ability to pick up and go anytime and anywhere that you feel like, it's also a good idea to have a destination waiting for you. Becoming a member at The Cottonwood Cove means that you will always have a permanent place to park surrounded by all sorts of fun things to do, gorgeous scenery, and incredible people.

Our riverside RV park overlooks the Missouri River, and it is the newest and most modern campground in the Midwest. You are free to make improvements to your campsite while you are here and you may sell or transfer those improvements to recapture your investment. 

Every campsite includes the following amenities: 

  • 30/50 Amp Power - Each lot has a 30/50 Amp power pole
  • Large Lot Size - Large lots with directional parking, allowing you to combine lots by reversing your RV to face awnings together
  • City Water and Wastewater - on each lot
  • Family Friendly - Strict guidelines ensure a family-friendly atmosphere
  • WiFi - WiFi access points throughout the park ensure a strong signal
  • Water Drainage - Surface water drainage means fun even after a downpour
Our campground is located next to our Lodge, serving delicious food and incredible drinks including our signature Watermelon cocktail. There is a large riverside stage that hosts the best live music in the Midwest, and our marina gives you access to a 40'-wide soft slope boat ramp leading into a 12-acre deepwater marina. Brand new for 2018, we just recently opened our 21+ pool, complete with a swim-up bar. (Making it 1 of only 2 in Nebraska!) 

Don't Wait!
Our newest section, River Shores West Phase II, still has some lots available, but once these are gone, we won't be adding more until the year 2020! That means that if you're wanting to make our vacation destination in the Midwest a home away from home, you should give Steve a call right away at (402) 960-1515 to make that happen. The Cottonwood Cove is filled with wonderful people that are currently enjoying all that the RV Life has to offer, and we'd love for you to join our happy family. 

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