Are You Ready For Some Football?🏈 Watch With Us!

Labor Day Weekend brought along with it the beginning of college football, so all of us Husker fans have something to look forward to every Saturday over the next few months. As a matter of fact, each Sunday we've got NFL games to watch at the Lodge at The Cottonwood Cove too, so it looks like it's time to start getting used to getting together each weekend for some tailgating, cheering, and all around fun! 

College Football Time!
The Nebraska Cornhuskers are an obvious favorite around these parts. We do have members at our RV campground on the Missouri River that come to us from other states and alma maters, so other teams do get some representation most Saturdays too, but our Huskers seem to get the most attention.  

It's no problem at all if people don't agree on exactly which game to watch. The Lodge has 21 TVs, making it easy for us to play everyone's favorite teams, even if they're playing at the same time. Of course, if those teams happen to be playing each other, then it gets really exciting! (We're like a big family here though, so no fighting, just lots of "friendly competition!") Due to popular demand, the sound will be up for the Cornhusker's games, but there are plenty of TVs around to show the action from the other games too.

Go Huskers!
Since we do have a majority of Nebraska fans, we turn the viewing of those games into a party! In addition to many people hosting awesome tailgating pre-parties at their RV sites, our Lodge gets into the action too. 

T-shirts are given away after every quarter during Husker games, and we offer some great specials for you while they're playing from the bar. You do NOT want to miss out on these specials during game time!! The kitchen is open so you can get plenty of tasty treats to snack on, and to quench your thirst we've got: 

  • $3 well drinks
  • $3 Coach "Frostys" (shot)
  • $15 domestic buckets

We want to make sure that everyone wanting to be here does not miss a single game, so here is this year's Nebraska Cornhuskers football schedule. 

Many Fun Weekends Ahead
Currently, the Lodge at The Cottonwood Cove is open every Friday & Saturday from 11 am-1am and Sunday from 11 am-10 pm, so you can join us for college football on Saturdays and come back on Sundays for the pro games. Throughout September, we've also got the best live music in Nebraska gracing our stage every weekend too. Labor Day doesn't end our season around here. We've still got plenty of fun times waiting to be had!

There will be lots of camping going on through the end of October. If you don't already have an RV spot reserved, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the season here at our RV resort & marina in the Midwest. A few of the lots in our newest addition are available. Call Steve at (402) 960-1515 if you or someone you know might be interested in joining our happy Cottonwood family.

In addition to camping, hunting, fishing, and football, we've also got a few of those events we're famous for in the planning stages. Our Halloween Costume Party will happen on Saturday, October 27. First prize in the costume contest is $500, so you might want to start planning your outfit now! 

Also, our annual Halfway to T&A Party will take place on January 26, 2019, so the fun doesn't even stop once we close for the season! We know how to have an exciting and memorable time here at The Cottonwood Cove, and we'd love for you to be a part of all of it!

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