5 Tips For Getting Your RV Ready For Winter Storage

Winter is on its way, so it's not too early to start thinking about what you need to do to keep your RV in good condition if you'll be storing it away during those cold months. Properly storing your RV in the winter months is the best way to protect it for many more years of future adventuring. Following the basic tips that The Cottonwood Cove has in today's blog will help you do that. 

Drain the Water Systems
Any water left in the plumbing system of an RV can freeze when it gets extremely cold and break the lines and fittings. This can result in extremely pricey repairs to get it going again next spring. All of the water needs to be drained from both the fresh water and waste tanks. Pumping nontoxic RV antifreeze through the plumbing will push the water out, and your owner's manual should have instructions on how to do this. If you aren't completely comfortable doing this yourself, we can help you find a professional to take care of it. 

Save Your Batteries
It's a good idea to disconnect your battery and store it in a cool (not cold) and dry place. Partially charged batteries freeze faster than charged ones, and that could cause a lot of damage or destroy the battery altogether. Check the charge on it every 4-6 weeks and charge it back up to full if necessary. 

Protect the Engine
It's not a good idea to leave gas in the tank of a vehicle that is sitting still for extended periods of time. Using a fuel stabilizer is helpful in preventing sticky resin deposits from forming from old gas, which can be awful for your vehicle's engine. Also, you may want to change the oil and oil filter before storing your RV away for the winter to keep corrosion from happening. 

Prep the Interior
Wash everything down thoroughly and remove all food and perishable items. RVs that have been put away for the winter make excellent homes for small critters trying to escape the cold, and any food left behind will tempt them even more. Open all of the drawers and cabinets. If you see any light shining through, those holes will need to be sealed. You might consider placing a few traps in and around your storage area.   

Prep the Exterior
It's a good idea to have a professional service center give your RV the once-over before you store it for the winter. They can do a full inspection and reseal any holes or cracks that could let water inside. If you choose to seal things up yourself, make sure that you are using the proper sealant for your type of RV. 

If you will be storing your RV outdoors, it should be draped in a breathable cover made especially for RVs. Simply placing a plastic tarp over it could let moisture in and trap it between the cover and the plastic. Another benefit of RV covers is that they have sealed openings that you can easily get into if you need to get inside the RV while it is stored. The cover will protect the paint finish from the sun's UV rays and the vehicle itself from elements in nature it may encounter, such as high winds, tree sap, and bird droppings. Not all RV covers are made to cover the tires, but these need to be protected from UV rays too, so take care to make that happen. Inflate all of the tires before storage to the pressure indicated on the sidewalls. 

Those are a few of the basics for getting your RV ready to hibernate for the winter. The staff at our RV campground in the Midwest can help you find the right professionals to do a thorough job of winterizing your RV. Don't hesitate to ask your neighbors at The Cottonwood Cove for their advice too. They have the experience and are sure to know the best tips for getting your RV back here next season in great shape! 

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