Great Gift Ideas For The RV Camper

The majority of the people we meet at our riverfront RV campground in the Midwest are RV owners. These wonderful wandering nomads are a special type of person that love meeting new people and finding adventure in the great outdoors. Today we've started our blog by listing 10 general holiday gift ideas for this type of person, but if you skip to the end, you'll find a bunch of excellent gift ideas that can be found right here at The Cottonwood Cove!   

1) Travel Journal
This is a wonderful way for someone enjoying the RV life to document their journey. Include pens or pencils, scrapbooking tape for attaching photos, and maybe some fun stickers that they can decorate the pages with. 

2) Special Keychain
A very important item to always keep track of for an RV owner is the keys to the RV! A personalized keychain is a nice gift, or maybe a funny novelty keychain that will put a smile on their face.  

3) Personalized Signs
These are nice for decorating the RV's "yard" while it's parked. Personalized signs or plaques announce whose home away from home it is and make the outside of the RV look warm and inviting.

4) GPS
Sure, most people have smartphones on them at all times with GPS apps available, but that can drain a battery quickly when used often. Designated GPS equipment can be left in place so that it never gets misplaced and many have additional features that will come in handy while traveling. 

5) Tracking Map
A map of the United States is a wonderful way to keep track of all of the states a person has visited. You can find a great variety of these online. Some use state-shaped stickers, others can be tracked with thumbtacks, and there are many more. Once they fill that up, next year you can get them a bigger map extending farther out!  

6) Yard Games
When a person's RV is parked at The Cottonwood Cove, there are plenty of things here to keep them busy. For those times that they are parked someplace without so many fun things to do, having a few yard games in the RV, like cornhole or a ring toss, can come in handy. Just make sure it's a game that folds up and can be packed away in a small space for easy travel.   

7) Smartphone Projector
This is an extremely cool contraption that attaches to a smartphone and allows you to project photos, videos, or movies on a big screen, theater-style. You might even include a big white sheet with this gift so that they always have a surface to project onto. 

8) Campfire Cooking Equipment
A big part of camping is sitting around the campfire, telling stories, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying that warm, relaxing glow of the flames. Cooking equipment to use over the campfire is a wonderful gift idea. You might also look into gifting them some shatterproof dishware that can survive traveling much better than breakable items.  

9) Travel Hammock
This type of hammock is every bit as comfortable as a regular hammock, but it folds up into a small bag that can be clipped to a backpack. It can be whipped out anyplace, anytime, and quickly and easily attaches to nearby trees or other stationary objects. 

10) Inflatable Hot Tub 
Yes, this is actually a real thing that we came across on the internet, and it looked incredible! Come on, who wouldn't love to have access to a portable hot tub no matter where they're parked? 

Gifts From The Cottonwood Cove
Our RV campground and marina on the Missouri River is a popular spot for camping in Nebraska. If you've had the pleasure of hanging out here, then you know how much people love everything about The Cottonwood Cove, both members and visitors alike. A gift from this fun Midwest vacation destination is a great holiday gift idea. 

We may be closed for the season right now, but you can still get some cool gifts to give away to everyone on your list. Simply call us at 402-426-1900 to let us know what type of t-shirts or other merchandise you'd like to purchase. You can pay for it by credit card over the phone and we'll get it mailed right out to you! Not sure which item someone might like? Get them a gift card instead! That way they can pick out exactly want they want or save that gift card for next season to be used in the Lodge.

The Lodge is actually available to rent for private events year-round, even during the off-season. You might think about throwing a holiday party for all of your friends rather than getting everyone individual gifts this year! All you need to do is give Darcy a call at 402-426-1900 and she'll book your date and help you make all of the necessary arrangements. 

Lastly, if you don't yet have your very own lot at The Cottonwood Cove, give your entire family a gift by becoming a member. (This is a present you get to enjoy too!) We still have a handful of lots left in the River Shores West section of the campground. Give Steve a call at 402-960-1515 and he'll take care of the details for you. 

The RV life is a gift in itself, but giving someone any of the things listed in today's blog can make it even more enjoyable. It takes a special person to love this life, and they all deserve something extra special this year for the holidays.       

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