5 Positive New Year's Resolutions to Make for 2019

2019 is right around the corner and we're willing to bet that many of you are thinking about putting together a list of New Year's resolutions to tackle. These always begin with good intentions but are often tough to complete. 

To help you out, The Cottonwood Cove has come up with 5 tasks to attempt in the coming year that are fun and exciting enough to actually enjoy doing. Best of all, they can all be accomplished right here at our vacation destination in the Midwest

Travel More
Life is a lot more exciting when you can get away from your regular day-to-day and experience something new. Living the RV life allows you the opportunity to do that with very little notice. We've witnessed firsthand just how happy the people that visit our RV campground in the Midwest are because they've made the choice to pack up a rolling home-away-from-home and start exploring! 

It does help to have a set destination to park when you want to stop for a while, and an RV lot at The Cottonwood Cove is the perfect place to do just that! (We've got a handful of RV lots available right now!) 

Meet New People
Meeting new people allows you to broaden your horizons and find out more about the rest of the world and often, even about yourself. The Cottonwood Cove brings people together from across the country (and some from even further) to share their life experiences and make memories together. 

We host member events throughout the season that build that camaraderie like BBQ competitions, golf tournaments, holiday golf cart parades, and many more. There are also lots of local residents that gather at The Cottonwood Cove to enjoy our public events and live music, plus that incredible 21+ pool. 

Get Outdoors
Nothing livens a person up better than fresh air, so picking up a few new outdoor hobbies is a great way to improve your life both mentally and physically. RV camping is perfect for getting you out and into nature. Here at The Cottonwood Cove, you can also take advantage of the many things to do surrounding the wonderful world of boating. 

We happen to have an incredible marina on the Missouri River that offers a 40-foot wide soft slope boat ramp leading into a 12-acre deepwater marina. You can enjoy the pool that we already mentioned above, and for the youngest campers, we offer a brand new playground area that we will be adding a basketball court to for the 2019 season.   

Live a Little
Be sure to leave time in the coming year to let your hair down. Every season we feature the best live music in Nebraska on our 40-foot wide riverfront stage on the Missouri River. People come from miles around to hear fantastic musicians rock the house late into the evening. Bad weather doesn't even stop us, because there's a perfectly awesome stage inside the Lodge too, so the party never has to stop!

Speaking of parties, the 3rd Annual Halfway to T&A Party is coming up on Saturday, January 26, 2019. We'll open the Lodge for one-night-only for a limited menu, full bar featuring our famous Watermelon, and live music by the popular Sinners and Saints. The perfect time for you to get this resolution taken care of early in the year!   

Try Something Brand New
Make this coming year new and exciting by picking out at least one thing that you've never done before. If you're feeling adventurous, pick out one new thing to try each month! For example, "See Nebraska." It's absolutely gorgeous around here. Possibly, "learn to fish." The Missouri River, or as we fondly like to refer to it, the "longest lake in the state," offers lots of great fishing opportunities. 

You can tackle every single item on this list plus many more by spending some time at our Midwest RV campground on the Missouri River. Currently, we have a few lots available and we are adding even more for 2019. The Cottonwood Cove is an extremely popular destination though, so if you'd like to become a member, it's best to act sooner than later. 

Give Steve a call at (402) 960-1515 or Mike at (515) 468-7900 and one of those gentlemen can help you reserve your very own RV lot so you'll be ready to accomplish all of these New Year's resolutions as soon as we open in the spring. Good luck! We can't wait to start making memories with you! 

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