7 Helpful Tips to Keep Warm During Winter RV Travel

The Cottonwood Cove closes up for the winter, but we realize that some of our RV campers like to stay on the road even after the temperatures start dropping. Hopefully, you already have your RV winterized by now, but the following tips will help to keep you warm and cozy during your winter adventures if you choose to drive toward the snow rather than away from it! 

Winterizing your RV should already have taken care of filling in any cracks or holes where drafts of cold air could sneak in. There are additional ways you can keep the cold air out and the warm air in. Thermal curtains are wonderful for this, and you might consider placing a plastic film over your windows, especially if they are single-pane. Cold air tends to sneak in from below, but thick rugs on the floor add an extra layer between you and the cold.  

RV Skirting
RV skirting comes in a variety of materials so you will need to research which type works best for your particular travel plans. Skirting helps to protect everything underneath your RV from freezing. It reduces the wind flow under the vehicle giving you a smoother ride and less rocking when you are parked. This also reduces internal heat loss and aids the winterization process.  

Park in the Sun
Try your best to park in sunny spots so that you can pull back the curtains and let nature warm up the inside of the RV. After all, a big part of the RV life experience are those beautiful views, so the more often you can uncover those windows, the more enjoyable your trip will be. 

Additional Warmth
Electric blankets, thermal sleeping bags, and dressing in layers are all excellent ways to stay warm inside your RV. If you will be using any type of electric heater, read and follow the instructions on it very carefully to make sure that it does not turn into a dangerous fire hazard. 

Remember, Liquids Freeze!
Even if you had a mechanic winterize your RV, extreme temperatures can still cause havoc. Keep your freshwater tank empty while traveling and have plenty of bottled water on hand. While parked, disconnect your freshwater hose when not in use. Consider purchasing a heated one, or at the very least make sure you insulate it and your pipes. Keeping cabinets and drawers open where water lines are located allows heat to circulate around the plumbing. Make sure that your windshield wiper fluid is specially formulated to withstand winter cold.  

Keep Moisture Out
When it's extremely cold outside, you're going to keep that RV sealed up tight as much as possible. Vent covers are a great way to prevent condensation and humidity buildup that could cause mold but they still promote ventilation. These also do their part to help hold heat inside the RV. The use of a dehumidifier is wonderful for lowering humidity levels too and it will keep the air inside fresh.

Keep Snow Cleared Away
Be sure to keep large drifts of snow cleared away from the exhaust tailpipe. After a large snowfall, make yourself get outside and double-check that everything is cleared and safe so it will be easier to get going when you're ready to start driving again. 

Most importantly, keep a very close watch on weather updates daily. Being prepared for below-freezing temperatures is the first step, but also make sure you know when they may be hitting so you are ready to react. If traveling conditions look dangerous, find a safe place to camp and wait out the storm. 

Once spring rolls around at our RV Campground & Marina in the Midwest, members of The Cottonwood Cove will be traveling this way to park their RVs on the Missouri River for another season full of fun and excitement! Demand has been so high recently. Two new sections of RV Lots were added to our campground for 2018, and in 2019 we're making room for even more! 

If you've been thinking about joining our happy Cottonwood family, now is a wonderful time to reserve your spot before these new lots are all gone too. Just give Steve a call at 402-960-1515 for more details or to schedule a tour. If you're traveling near Blair this winter, we can arrange a visit while you're in the area. Then, once you show up next spring, you can join us for all the excitement that is always going on at The Cottonwood Cove every spring through fall!  

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