Are You Ready? It's Almost Halfway to T&A at The Cottonwood Cove!

The Cottonwood Cove wanted to make sure that all of the Missouri River boaters out there are aware that we're almost to the halfway point of the biggest sandbar party of the summer, meaning it's just about time for the 3rd Annual Halfway to T&A Party! We are thrilled that the Lodge at our RV Campground & Marina on the Missouri River has been chosen as the location for this great big, incredible, mid-winter party. 

The excuse for such an exciting event (as if one is really needed) is the celebration of the fact that we're already halfway to the biggest annual summer party on the Missouri River - The T&A Party! (Get your mind out of the gutter. If you aren't already familiar, we'll explain the tame meaning of that below.) On Saturday, January 26, 2019, the 3rd Annual Halfway to T&A Party is coming to your favorite vacation destination in the Midwest!  

What is T&A? 
T&A, around The Cottonwood Cove anyway, is the big birthday bash thrown every year for Teresa Melies and Arlene Ehrlich. It has been the biggest sandbar party of the summer for 16 years now, typically celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of July. Year #1 was a boating party for about 16 friends, and now about 1,000 party-goers in around 300 different boats attend each year! Needless to say, it's an absolute blast! 

Mick Brown realized that such a huge, fun gathering deserved a biannual event to tide everyone over until the next big bash. With a little bit of hard work and planning, the Halfway to T&A Party was born! 

Live Music
An evening of excitement is bound to happen when everyone gathers for this off-season extravaganza. Show up ready to party because a summertime favorite will be hitting the indoor stage at The Cottonwood Cove - Sinners and Saints!

This band's influences are rooted in rock and roll from classic bands like Heart, Aerosmith, and Def Leppard to current musicians like Pretty Reckless, Halestorm, and Shinedown. Expect these rockers to pull out some country tunes with their own rock twist added to it too. You're going to want to be out on that dance floor all night long!    

Sinners and Saints band, The Cottonwood Cove, Blair Nebraska

Food & Drinks at the Lodge
The Lodge will open its doors at 5:00 pm to get the party started. There will be a limited menu available consisting of our incredible pizza and nachos. In addition to that, the bar will be open and fully stocked with all of your favorites. That includes those infamous Watermelons that you know you've been craving since we closed for the season! 

Lodging Options 
Rooms will be available at the Super 8 in Blair and they are offering a special group rate of $67 per night for those of you in town attending our Halfway to T&A Party. There will be a shuttle from the Super 8 to The Cottonwood Cove and back. Just mention our party when you call (402) 426-8888 to make a reservation and they should offer you the discounted rate.  

You will want to book early this year (ASAP) because we are being limited to only 25 rooms rather than our regular 42. Currently, there are a lot of out-of-town contractors working locally at the Cargill plant and using the other rooms. We're already down to about a dozen available rooms as of today!  

We would really like all of the Cottonwood members who are attending to take advantage of being able to stay in their campers overnight, maybe even invite a few friends if they have room, to help ease the burden of the limited available lodging. If the 25 rooms go quickly and there is still a lot of interest in booking more, we could possibly look into getting a block of rooms at of the hotels at the Irvington exit on I-680, but that might make catching the shuttle bus on time difficult. We are thinking about possible solutions and will address this if the need arises. 

Mark Those Calendars
We expect everyone to throw on plenty of layers to contend with a January evening in Nebraska and head to our Midwest RV campground ready to party your parka off on Saturday, January 26, 2019, with all of your summertime "River Rat" friends. Except for the cold weather, it will be just like any other awesome day at The Cottonwood Cove. (The pool & swim-up bar will NOT be open though!)  

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  1. Hey! This is such an informative post. I had no idea about this. I am glad I came across this post at the right time. I was looking for one of the Chicago venues for a very long time because I want to throw a nice party for my best friend. She is going to leave the town this year for her college.


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