Give Your RV Interior a Fresh New Look (Without Breaking the Bank!)

Even though there are lots of fun things to do outside of your RV at our RV campground & marina on the Missouri River, you most likely still spend a lot of time inside the vehicle. Occasionally updating the look of the RV's interior can be a nice change. 

A complete overhaul can get pricy fast, but there are simple improvements that can be made that don't have to cost a lot. The small changes The Cottonwood Cove has for you today can make a big difference! 

Decorative Accents
You may shy away from putting decor on your walls because of the hazard of those things falling down during travel. There are ways to get around that. Removable and reusable sticker decals are an excellent way to do this. Today you can find them in many different styles, from inspirational sayings to pieces of art. There are some wonderful maps made this way too that could be fun if you're traveling the country. 

It's also possible to find lightweight wall decor that is less likely to fall victim to road bumps and can be secured with mounting putty or sturdy Command strips. Replacing the backsplash in the kitchen area is an excellent change and home stores have easy-to-install versions to choose from. Brand new handles or pulls on cabinetry is another small update that can make a big improvement. 

New Fabrics
Throw pillows in a new color, texture, or style is one of the simplest ways to bring a fresh look to your interior. You don't even need to replace the pillows. Instead, buy new pillow covers or make your own by wrapping your pillows in swatches of fabric. (It's very similar to wrapping a gift.)

Rather than reupholstering couch and chair cushions, these can also be covered in a similar way. New fabrics can be added to window valances quickly and easily with the use of a few staples. Brand new curtains can also change the overall look. 

Fresh Paint
A brand new paint color inside your RV will do the same magic it does for any room in a house. Give your cabinet doors or shelves a fresh coat to either lighten and brighten up or darken and cozy up the overall feel. 

Painting the inside of cabinets and drawers, or adding a decorative paper, offer a nice decorative surprise when they are opened. You can paint your table and the chairs around it a fun new color. Instead of replacing countertops, countertop paints are available that come in an array of styles, from granite to concrete and everything in between.   

New Furniture
If you have an older RV with furniture that looks dated or has its share of stains from years of use, you might want to replace those pieces. You can find lightweight furniture in a variety of styles that will fit nicely in the spaces you need to fill. Futons are a great addition in place of an old sofa because that seating doubles as an extra sleeping area.

Those are a few small ways that you can update the interior of your RV to make it feel like brand new. When you have your own RV lot at our Midwest vacation destination, you are allowed to make improvements to the lot surrounding your RV too. Benefits of your membership allow you to sell or transfer those improvements and recapture your investment later as well. 

Decorative improvements both in and around your RV are a wonderful way to keep your "RV Life" fresh and exciting. Combine that with all the fun waiting for you at The Cottonwood Cove, and you're going to love this lifestyle more than ever!  

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